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- a vendor for industry and consumers

was founded to serve individual business needs focusing on the online industry and related fields of digital media, licensing, data management as well as leading ecommerce solutions and IT systems. We love what we do to satisfy both consumers and clients.

With a wide range of partners from software development and internet security to media publishing including digital communications and marketing, we are able to develop and support B2C and B2B products at their best in a growing and complex international market.
Media PublishingWith long years of experience in content production, postprocessing and content delivery for text, image or video formats, we can offer you the complete workflow of content management. This includes our recording and duplication services working with various data carriers like CD/DVD/Blu-ray and license management as well as distribution for retail and digital media.
Business ConsultingOur scope is always focused on the newest trends and technologies in a global environment. With a team of experts from prime industrial, IT, software, marketing and consulting firms, we can bring the best heads together to find excellent solutions for your needs. Our key competence is the development of new products, business relations, software and process optimization.
Software SolutionsOur products are reliable, cost efficent and state of the art. We keep an eye on data layers, data handling, database structure and secure programming. From ecommerce systems, enterprise resource planning and data analysis to online media and entertainment, we do it! With certified developers we can also offer vulnerability scans for your existing software.